“Cooking is a call to act”Massimo Bottura


We are always on the look-out for new volunteers who share our mission and want to be a part of the change we believe in. Those interested can get involved in various locations around the world - London, Milan, Modena, Bologna and Rio. The work usually involving helping with logistics, serving, washing dishes, preparing food, cleaning and building up a local Food for Soul Community.
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What is volunteering like?

“Since volunteering at the Social Tables in Modena, I’ve come to get to know more about my local community and make friends with fellow volunteers. It’s great to see the diners coming back each week - shy at first and then laughing and joking as they share meals together a few weeks later. It’s an experience I look forward to every week.”

- Alice Nardi

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As a non-profit organisation, we are grateful for any donations you can offer to help us deliver our mission to tackle food waste and hunger and promote social inclusion.
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Bank transfer
Association name: Food for Soul
Bank name: Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna - Agenzia 1
Bank address:153, Corso Canalchiaro, Modena
IBAN code: IT44V0538712901000002420000

*if you are Italian resident, please remember to indicate your codice fiscale in the notes box on the donation page.

Donate Food

Are you a supplier, grocer, market seller or producer with food that goes to waste? Donate it to one of Food for Soul’s projects in Modena, Bologna, Rio, Milan or London. There’s not a moment to waste! For details on donating, email us at ​ info@foodforsoul.it


Food for Soul is looking for reliable partners and sustainers who are willing to empower our projects by contributing with financial support.
If you would like to inquire about our sponsorship programs, please write to: info@foodforsoul.it