In a world where one third of the food we produce is thrown away, could we not help but ask ourselves the question:Could food wastage and hunger be an expression of the same problem?We believe so.

*Credits: statistics taken from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

What is Food for Soul?

Food for Soul is a non-profit organization founded by chef Massimo Bottura to promote social awareness about food wastage and hunger through a wide range of initiatives in collaboration with chefs, artisans, food suppliers, artists, designers and institutions. 

Food for Soul is not a charity project: it is a cultural one. 

Our aim is to encourage public and private organizations to create community kitchens around the world to promote the importance of taking back the abandon: food, spaces, people. The rejuvenation of food, spaces and people is a cultural project not only for those in need but for the good of the larger community. Our involvement starts from the very beginning and moves along several stages:
- We raise funds to renovate abandoned spaces in peripheral and neglected areas;
- We prepare healthy, seasonal and delicious meals from the surplus food of supermarkets, local markets and suppliers that would have otherwise been discarded;
- We invite people in need, local volunteers and chefs from around the world to share a place at the table and enjoy a meal together.

Food for Soul encourages an alternative approach to building community projects by engaging professionals from diverse fields and the private sector to work together.

In addition to being a source of nourishment, sharing a meal is a gesture of inclusion. We converge the know-how of professionals from the world of community service, design, art and the food industry in order to guarantee a long life for each project and create convivial and engaging environments. Connecting people from diverse fields of expertise is a step toward sharing the responsibility for our collective future. We invite everyone: chefs, students, artisans, families, food suppliers and corporate sponsors can join us and contribute to our mission.

Food for Soul believes that ethics and aesthetics go hand to hand.
Our core mission stands on the value of beauty as a common ground for community development and well-being.

Providing inclusive environments that nourish the body and the soul helps bring dignity to the table. Our projects are infused with art, design and beauty to engage our guests in a holistic approach to nourishment: feed the body and the soul.

Food, art and creativity are a universal language.

For this reason, the dinning tables are designed specifically for each location to welcome, unite and create a family environment. Quality plates and glassware replace plastic to reinforce our principle aim of reducing waste. Moreover, our guests are served meals by our volunteers and chefs: this simple gesture of human contact and social exchange creates a dynamic of inclusion and acceptance. Art both decorates the walls and invites the entire community to be inspired and curious.

Massimo Bottura

Visionary chef Massimo Bottura is no stranger to thinking outside of the kitchen. At the vanguard of a new generation of Italian chefs, his work both as an innovator and restaurateur over the past twenty years has consolidated his reputation as one of the world’s most creative culinary figures. Massimo’s internationally renowned three Michelin star restaurant, Osteria Francescana, is currently number 2 on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Food waste has always been part of the collective consciousness of Osteria Francescana. In depth knowledge of the Italian kitchen gave Massimo an understanding and knowledge of how to cook ‘nose to tail and root to leaf’. In fact,  la cucina povera, Italy’s soul kitchen, is based on the principle of “not throwing anything away”.

Recently, Massimo has become known for applying his creativity to social issues on a bigger scale by engaging the public in community projects aimed at bringing dignity back to the table. During ExpoMilan 2015, he built Refettorio Ambrosiano, a soup kitchen in an abandoned theatre and brought 60 international chefs to cook there. They had only food leftovers from the world exhibition to work with.His commitment has been widely recognized. In January 2016 he was awarded European Chef of the Year by Madrid Fusion.

By founding Food for Soul, Massimo will be pursuing the mission he began with the Refettorio Ambrosiano project. He will be supporting the opening of soup kitchens based on its model and empowering communities around the world.