An Italian-Korean design studio based in The Netherlands created simple and beautiful objects to shed the light on traditional ways of preserving food 

“Keep it cool” is not an universal law: even when the fridge might be seen as our last resource to store food, many hacks could actually help us to make groceries last longer. The answer is neither in chemicals, nor in invasive nanotechnology: it is in our grandmothers.

By shaping traditional oral knowledge through design, Jihyun Ryou and David Artuffo from the JihyunDavid studio created a unique project called Save Food From The Fridge, focusing on the overuse of energy in preserving food. The aim of the project is to show how that accumulated experience transmitted mouth by mouth can be easily used and applied in our everyday life.

Different objects are designed to make invisible knowledge evident. Like the wooden box of Symbiosis of Potato+Apple, that shows how putting together apples with tubers might low down the process of sprouting, thanks to a specific gas emitted by apples. Or the beautiful glass and wooden box of Verticality of Root Vegetables, proving how roots might last longer by simply keeping them in a vertical position. Other simple but very innovative solutions are specifically built for eggs, vegetables and spices.

The project as a whole and as single items starts from the assumption that everywhere in the world, observation is at the basis of knowledge. As the designers say, “Each object has its own oral knowledge about vegetables. It invites people to observe their food ingredient and create a close relationship with them. Objects make invisible knowledge evident.”

The Save Food From The Fridge line is not on sale: it stays as a strong invitation to observe our food, listen to our grandmothers and take care of the traditional knowledge on food, which is closer to nature than we might think.

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Photo credits: Save Food From The Fridge