Our idea

In a world where one third of the food we produce is thrown away, we need to ask ourselves: Could food wastage and hunger be an expression of the same problem? We believe so.
Food for Soul is not a charity project but a cultural one. Sharing a meal is not just a source of nourishment, but a gesture of inclusion. We take an alternative approach to building community projects based on three fundamental principles:

Make visible the invisible

Our delicious meals are created from surplus ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away. By inviting well-known chefs to use their skills to transform these discarded ingredients into delicious nourishing meals, the once-undesired produce is suddenly given a new value and reintroduced into the food chain.

Ethics and aesthetics go hand-in-hand

Our projects are infused with art, design and beauty to engage our guests in a holistic approach to nourishment: feed the body and the soul. By bringing together the know-how of professionals from the world of community service, design, art and the food industry, our community kitchens can function sustainably for the long-term to provide an engaging and convivial environment.

Cooking is a call to act

We want meals at our Refettorios to be an inclusive experience. ​For this reason, the dining tables are designed specifically to make guests feel welcome and at ease. Quality plates and glassware replace plastic to reinforce our principle aim of reducing waste. Moreover, our guests are served meals by our volunteers and chefs: a simple but impactful gesture of human contact and social exchange.