The Antoniano of Bologna is a non-profit organization who opened its doors in 1954. Still today, its soup kitchen -the Mensa Padre Ernesto- serves 130 meals to those in need, every day. Antoniano Onlus supports its charity activities with a theater where the famous Italian children’s singing competition Zecchino d’Oro is held annually, among a full program of concerts and events.

From May, the 9th 2016, Food for Soul is collaborating with Antoniano Onlus to improve the service and the spaces of Mensa Padre Ernesto in Bologna. The soup kitchen is now open at night, welcoming families with kids on every Monday. Chef to Chef, a partnership of chefs from the Emilia Romagna region, was invited to join the project and cook healthy and tasty meals from the food surplus donated by supermarkets, producers and artisans.

Food for Soul is currently assisting Antoniano Onlus and Mensa Padre Ernesto to add more design and art to their dining hall by providing ceramic plateware, wood tables and artwork. The objective is to align the work with the Food for Soul mission to bring beauty and art to the table for everyone.

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