After the rewarding experience in Rio de Janeiro, the non-profit Organization comes back to Italy to operate in the town where everything has started: Modena. 

December the 5th marked the start for the fourth Food for Soul project. With the support of the Major, the Diocese of Modena and many other local institutions and companies, The Socialtables@ Ghirlandina will open the doors of Ghirlandina self-service cafeteria once a week. Every Monday, 60 guests reported by Caritas and social services of the area will be welcomed at dinner.

The project comes from the desire to join forces of every stakeholder of the area through a common goal: a more inclusive community. For this reason, Food for Soul found in Fondazione Auxilium the perfect operational partner that will run the daily operations of the community kitchen. Chefs from Modena a Tavola association will cook tasty and nutritious meals for the guest, starting from food surplus and donations of several suppliers, among whose Mercato Albinelli and Menù SRL.

The first chef to take the field was Luca Marchini from the restaurant L’Erba del Re, who served a crouton with an onion mayonnaise, tomatoes and bell peppers; a spring onion, zucchini and crunchy cold cuts risotto; a vegetables pottage and a cocoa crumble with fruit cream.

Many other local chefs already answered the call and will join the project in the next weeks and months. Their participation will allow the service to be active on a long term.

The call is also open to the whole town of Modena, the citizens who want to volunteer and donate, as well as the companies who want to join as suppliers, technical or financial partners of Food for Soul.
Together we can make the difference.