Annual Report 2017

Summary of activities


Food is a powerful tool for change.
It is this statement, made just a few years ago, that led to the eventual creation of Food for Soul. Today, it is this very same belief that inspires us to continue to work with communities all over the world and support them in the fight against food waste and social isolation.

2017 marked our second year of operation for Food for Soul. Although we are a very young NGO, we find ourselves constantly faced with new opportunities (and responsibilities), which will inevitably play a role in shaping our future. As Food for Soul continues to expand and grow in a number of cities we are mindful that, in order to be impactful, we must be sure that we are growing consciously and sustainably.

The inspiration behind our work is not only our mission, but it is shared it with our partners, sponsors, volunteers and with the many professionals who allow our projects to run smoothy and to serve the most vulnerable members of the community. The Refettorios in Milan, Rio and now London, as well as the Social Tables in Bologna and Modena are not only about welcoming guests and serving meals, they are also creating community hubs of culture and inclusion, whose impact can inspire and increase awareness in a growing number of people.

The more we can gather around the same table, the stronger our voice will be.

Together we can make visible the invisible.