Changing the rhythm

Chefs and volunteers from Refettorio Paris among participants of We Love Green, a popular music festival with a special focus on environmental sustainability.


Last week, Refettorio Paris stepped out of Le Foyer de la Madeleine and into the community for a chance to share their innovative approach on food recovery and social inclusion. The Refettorio chefs Maxime Bonnabry-Duval and Solene Gallard put their skills and knowledge at the service of the participants of the We Love Green festival, an eco-friendly music event that takes place every year at the Bois de Vincennes, in the heart of Paris.

Through several events and initiatives, the festival aims to raise awareness on environmental issues and climate change asking people to be part of a necessary movement towards change.  An eco-friendly food court was designed to give the 42 thousand people who participated, the chance to experience the best gastronomical experience possible in terms of quality and diversity, while respecting the environment. Emerging French chefs the likes of Bertrand Grebaut, Gregory Marchand e Celine Phan participated, cooking only with local and organic produce.

Next to them, Refettorio Paris had its very own stand where staff and volunteers prepared and served food cooked with surplus ingredients and donated produce. The menu included:

  •     Cauliflower hummus, green asparagus from Roques-Hautes, bread tacos with sprouts
  •     Vegetarian curry with mixed vegetables and spices, coconut milk sauce and thyme flavoured rice
  •     Fried pizza, mozzarella, tomato sauce and rocket pesto
  •     Bread and honey ice-cream, strawberry juice and jam, bread chips

The initiative was supported by Banque Alimentaire, Agricool, Molino Quaglia, who donated the flour, Apollonia Poilâne, who kindly opened the doors of their pastry lab to prepare the fried pizzas, and Galeries Lafayette Gourmet and Metro, who provided enough surplus ingredients to cook more than 1.500 meals.

Proceeds went to support the activities of Refettorio Paris, which was able, thanks to this initiative, to share the Quality Of Ideas and the Value Of Hospitality with a wider community showing that environmental sustainability and social equality can, and should go, hand in hand.