Dispensa #6 supports Food for Soul

For every copy of the sixth issue purchased, Dispensa will donate 1 euro to Food For Soul. The featured stories also include a report on Food for Soul projects in Rio de Janeiro and Bologna.

Ceci n’est pas a food magazine. At least, not the regular one with recipes and reviews that we could normally imagine. Dispensa -generi alimentari e generi umani- is an independent bookazine featuring stories, words and images of the food world, from the point of view of food itself. Mentioned by the Monocle Guide to Drinking and Dining, Dispensa stands as a unique and upstream project in the contemporary food writing scenario. The semi-annual magazine founded by Martina Liverani celebrate its third year of life with its sixth issue, and gets ready to cross the Italian borders: for the first time, it will be distributed even abroad.


Dispensa will also support the non-profit Organization founded by Massimo Bottura by donating 1 euro for each purchased copy of the sixth issue. A relevant and generous initiative that will significantly contribute to the fundraising campaign on Food for Soul, and encourage to keep on dreaming and working on the upcoming projects for 2017.

The pilot theme of the last issue is music, recounted in different images and characters by each author. Among them, also Cristina Reni, project manager of Food for Soul, tells about the Refettorio Gastromotiva project in Rio de Janeiro on a carioca rhythm, as well as the project in collaboration with Antoniano Onlus for the night opening of Mensa Padre Ernesto in Bologna.

The choice of Food for Soul to meet Dispensa comes from a common ground of shared values such as beauty and aesthetics, but also recovery. In fact, the magazine is printed on paper produced by food leftovers. Collaborations like this aim to underline the necessity of looking at food and nutrition from an inclusive and holistic point of view, and lead to the promotion of a cultural message.

Dispensa magazine can be purchased on the online shop or from the distributors listed here.