From the table to the kitchen

A few days ago, between hopes and celebrations, the apprentices of the first professional training course dedicated to the guests of the Refettorio Felix graduated!


Credits: Refettorio Felix at St. Cuthbert's

Two weeks ago, St Cuthbert’s Centre celebrated the end of their very first culinary training workshop dedicated to the guests of the Refettorio. The course, led by chefs Gregg Brown and Simon Boyle and promoted by St Cuthbert’s Centre as part of their efforts to mitigate social exclusion and vulnerability, aimed to give participants professional kitchen experience and improve employability.

Through a 7-week programme, the group, mostly composed of homeless people experiencing long-term unemployment, was taught how to cook nutritious recipes using surplus ingredients (their first creation was a delicious chicken and organic noodle broth, teriyaki, spring onion and coriander!) as well as front to house serving.

The workshop also helped the thirteen apprentices to get a positive work attitude and supported them in building confidence and self-motivation. The end goal was to motivate participants to take on further educational training courses and to provide them with useful professional skills, as well as a certificate and an accreditation in food safety.

During the final ceremony, the group had the chance to prepare portions of every dish and recipe they had learned over the course and personally serve them to friends and supporters who came to celebrate their achievement.

A second course will be running in early 2019 and we look forward to see what new, inspiring ideas will come out of it! Well done everyone!

If you are interested in attending or helping, please get in touch with the Refettorio Felix at St Cuthbert’s.