Giving a Smile: A Timeless Gesture

Giulia and Eugenia, young volunteers at Refettorio Modena, show that social inclusion is boundless.

Herbe Pienissimo (8)

Every Monday and Thursday evening, Refettorio Modena welcomes a diverse group of guests, from families with children to individuals living in the  Modena community. A team of volunteers greets them at the door, offering their help and smiles in the kitchen, dining hall, and reception area.

Among these volunteers, energetic and positive young people like Eugenia and Giulia stand out. They have been dedicating their time for weeks to support the project and create a positive impact in their city.

Giulia, part of the Refettorio team from day one, loves entertaining the children of the guest families. Special tables are set up for them with coloring supplies and games, allowing them to socialize not only with the volunteers but also with each other. Eugenia, on the other hand, supports the meal distribution , helping the kitchen team coordinate  the serving of the dishes.

Both have shared their experiences and thoughts, inviting the rest of the Modena community to join the project.


What’s your name?




How long have you been volunteering at Refettorio Modena?

Eugenia: About a month and a half.

Giulia: Since it first opened!


What inspired you to get involved in this project?

Eugenia: It’s such a meaningful initiative that supports those in need. I love the spirit of collaboration behind it and being part of something bigger.

Giulia: For me, it’s a chance to spend quality time and contribute positively. It really enriches my daily life knowing I’m making a difference.


Do you have a special memory from your time at Refettorio that stands out?

Eugenia: There’s this one lady who always thanks us with so much sincerity when she leaves.

Giulia: Seeing the kids light up when they come in and discover the games and drawings on the tables is always heartwarming. They not only mingle with each other but also with us volunteers—it’s truly touching every time.


Would you recommend this experience to others?

Eugenia: Absolutely! It’s been such a rewarding and touching experience for me.

Giulia: Definitely! And for those unable to join us due to commitments, I encourage you to learn more about food waste and the importance of respecting our resources. We’d love to see you here whenever you can make it!


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