In solidarity


As an organization and as individuals, we denounce racism of any form and actions that devalue life, discriminate and prevent civil liberties. With the world, we mourn the loss of George Floyd and every black individual who has lost their life and or experienced violence and injustice because of the color of their skin. We believe we have a moral obligation to treat people with dignity and a collective responsibility to stand up against the pervasive oppression and systemic racism that continues in our communities.

Food for Soul stands in support of and with black, indigenous and people of color, of every race gender and faith, to bring forward justice and human rights.

Food for Soul was founded on the cultural values of inclusion, diversity, access and equity.

Social, economic and environmental equities are disproportionate among black communities in particular, and require change. We recommit to listening, learning, supporting and taking actions that ensure every individual has the opportunity to grow, contribute and develop regardless of their identity.

We stand together, now and always, for a more equitable, inclusive and shared world.