Let’s take care of Nature!

We believe radical social change happens when we all unite, become knowledgeable and take simple actions in our daily lives. This World Environment Day we wanted to inspire and invite you to Learn, Share and Act for Nature, starting in your kitchen, demonstrating that Cooking is an Act of Love, for People and the Planet.


Over the past few days we have tried to shine light on the importance of nature, highlighting the collective responsibility that we have to protect, preserve and restore its resources to help end biodiversity loss, reduce the impact of climate change, and build a more sustainable food system for everyone. As individuals we must rethink what we buy and use, and aim to become more conscious consumers. Only by doing our part, can we allow nature to heal and ensure a better and healthier future for everyone.


What is biodiversity? Why is biodiversity important? How does food waste harm biodiversity? Relying on different sources made available by the United Nations, UN Environment Program and the FAO, we have tried to answer some of these questions on Cooking is an Act of Love, a platform that we hope can serve as a place of inspiration and where we can all learn more about our Planet and our food system. 

The choices we make when it comes to what we eat have a ripple effect, not only on ourselves and our loved ones, but also on the planet, its biodiversity and our communities. Choosing to eat healthy, local and in-season could be the most revolutionary act for ourselves and for the Earth. While the Earth’s biodiversity is so rich that many species have yet to be discovered, many species are being threatened with extinction due to human activities, putting the Earth’s magnificent biodiversity at risk. 

To speak about some of these important connections, our President Lara Gilmore walked us through the gardens of Casa Maria Luigia, the b&b that her and Food for Soul’s founder Massimo Bottura opened in the Emilian countryside. There, surrounded by the beautiful greenery of this corner of the world, Lara showed us how important bees are for the ecosystem and shared a few tips on eating healthy while respecting the environment.


For World Environment Day, our Founder Massimo Bottura shared a video message encouraging everyone to act for Nature and to take care of the world around us. Have you watched it yet? 

Let’s all be part of a global solution. If you haven’t already, read the It’s Time For Nature Manifesto, and raise your voice #ForNature by posting your message on social media tagging Food for Soul and using the hashtags #ForNature #WorldEnvironmentDay #CookingisAnActofLove


There are many immediate steps that can be taken to reduce food waste and your environmental footprint, thus becoming a more conscious consumer and cook. 

For example, do you know that you can shift your diet to more environmentally friendly foods, especially your main protein sources? Check the list of the Future 50 Foods to protect Biodiversity and be creative in your kitchen – take inspiration from Massimo Bottura’s Summer Vegetables and Beans recipe from Bread is Gold and become a more conscious consumer and cook!

According to the United Nations, about 1/3 of the food produced for human consumption each year is lost or wasted. Goal 12 of the SDGs is about promoting resources and raising awareness on responsible consumption and production. There are small actions that can be done to reduce food waste in our homes and become more responsible consumer, such as reducing use of plastics by purchasing foods in bulk to minimize packaging, use reusable items such as food boxes, straws, silverware and shopping bags or recycling and repurposing by preserving foods, freezing ahead and composting. Download Food for Soul “Tips in the Kitchen” in partnership with Grundig Respect Food to find out more!