Make a difference, one plate of pasta at a time

What if we told you that by eating a plate of pasta, you are helping us to promote an example of circular economy designed to build a better future for the planet and our community?


Credits: Mancini pastificio agricolo

Well, even pasta can have scraps. But what not everyone knows, is that salvaging the discarded part of pasta represents taking the first step towards an informed consumption, making a gesture of love, for people and for the planet.

During the drying process of the long types of pasta that we love so much, like spaghetti, the middle sections where the pasta is hung to dry are usually discarded. This increases the waste of resources and raw materials therefore producing a major impact, both from an environmental and social point of view.

Pastificio Agricolo Mancini who has always been aware of the origin, seasonality and sustainability of its ingredients, makes pasta solely with durum wheat, cultivated and harvested in fields surrounding the factory  in the heart of the Marche region. Mancini’s work to create a more healthy food system is perfectly in line with our mission to benefit the wellbeing of the planet and of the community.

An idea from Massimo Bottura and Pastificio Agricolo Mancini, Le Curve di Pasta Lunga (the Curved Parts of Long Pasta) are an example of a circular economy designed to create a better future for our planet and our community. This is not just a way to reflect these values and objectives, but also an innovative product able to inspire solidarity and community spirit.

“Cucina Povera teaches us to waste nothing. Creativity has the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. And this is what we have done with Mancini. We saw a new pasta shape where others only saw waste.”

Massimo Bottura

For each bag of Le Curve di Pasta Lunga bought, Manicni will donate 1 euro to Food for Soul, helping us to turn awareness into action, shedding light on and giving voice to the hidden potential around us.

To fully celebrate the unused potential of this product, Francesco Vicenzi – the chef of restaurant Franceschetta58 in Modena – has brushed up his recipe for ‘Pasta e Fagioli’- one of the symbols of the Italian gastronomic tradition, famous for its ability to warm both body and mind at the same time. It is with his personal interpretation of this recipe that the chef makes Le Curve the true protagonists of this family dish, showing everyone that Cooking is a Act of Love, for people and for the planet.

What are you waiting for? Buy this new, sustainable pasta, perfect for any type of sauce, and cook your favorite dishes. We can’t wait to see your creations!

Find the Le Curve di Pasta Lunga in Eataly stores in Rome, Milan and Turin, online on Eataly or on the Mancini website.


Credits: Marco Poderi