Managing food wastage, a shortcut to resolve climate change

Food wastage and hunger are connected through a series of causes and consequences that cannot only be solved by feeding those in need. The issue reveals even more serious implications.

Bare numbers are not always easy to understand. That is why the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (Fao) published this video that shows inner implications of food wastage: greenhouse emissions, global change damages, cleared forest and drought the consequences of the fact that 30% of the global harvest is wasted. A total of around 700 billions dollars for environmental damages, that would lead to an even wider emergency for hunger. Climate change is also consecuence of food wastage.

Consciousness is a good invitation to reduce food waste. And it’s a way to save the environment and fight the climate change. Besides raising awareness on the issue, the video suggests good tips on feasible practices and gestures that can be easily introduced in our everyday life. It’s time to watch it and act!