Modena Community Meals

Food for Soul and Francescana family, together with Caritas Modenese and Fondazione Auxilium, celebrate hope this Easter week giving nourishing meals to the community.


We will never get tired of saying it: together we are stronger. 

And what better time to demonstrate it than the Easter Season? In the spirit of community that these days keep inspiring, Food for Soul together with Caritas Modenese and Fondazione Auxilium and supported by the Osteria Francescana Hospitality team, prepared and delivered nourishing meals for 43 families living in the Crocetta neighborhood, as a symbol of community and togetherness bringing a little joy through hospitality, beauty, and storytelling.

To ensure them a special moment of sharing, a team of talented chefs joined the community organizations to give their time and skills to prepare and deliver meals that celebrate at the same time, the Easter tradition of the city and the different cultures within the community. Three delicious meals have been created with flavors and ingredients reminiscent of indigenous recipes while incorporating traditional ingredients and foods of the Emilian region. As part of the gesture, Forno Brisa has generously donated fresh bread and a Colomba – a symbol of hope and sustenance.


To demonstrate that food could also be a symbol of care and beauty, members of Teatro Dei Venti greeted families with storytelling, a fable door to door. To conclude the day in the spirit of love and respect for both People and Planet, guests and volunteers were also donated a special recipe: Chef Francesco Vincenzi’s Bread Chocolate Cake – that was the dessert within the delivery meals – and which could be made by using stale bread or cookies left in the pantry. 


Is with this inspiring recipe that we wish you happy holidays filled with joy, health and happiness and that we invite you to take care of what surrounds you – be they People, food or resources of our Planet.

“A gesture that speaks about nature and culture, and that reminds us that food could be a concrete way to say “I love you”, “I care”. Food does not only provide calories and proteins: it is able to transmit love, care, knowledge, traditions. Thanks to Caritas operators and Food for Soul, the ingredients donated or purchased from local companies will be transformed into nourishing meals and will be delivered directly at home by a team of twenty young volunteers.”

Federico Valenzano

Thanks to:

Caritas Modenese , Fondazione Auxilium Modena, Forno Brisa , Azienda agricola Lei Antonio, Azienda agricola Casumaro, Azienda agricola Cerutti, Alimentari e Bazar di Abdellah Belfakir , Mercato ortofrutticolo agroalimentare di Modena, Mani e Terra SOS ROSARNO, Banco 11 Mercato Albinelli, Teatro dei Venti – the actors Gioele Rossi, Davide Tubertini and Davide Filippi and the photographers Chiara Ferrini and Diego Camola – Modena Sobborghi