No-waste holidays

August is approaching, and it’s time for vacations! Here are some tips to reduce food waste before leaving and to enjoy your summer while respecting the environment.

Simon Owen Red Photographic

Simon Owen Red Photographic

The suitcase is packed, the itinerary has been confirmed, and the tickets are in your bag; holidays are so close that if you close your eyes, you can already hear the sound of the sea. But this year, in your to-do-list of things to do before leaving, don’t forget to add one voice: No-waste holidays.

Every year, one-third of the food produced in the world is wasted, almost four times the amount needed to feed 800 million people. And in the summer, due to to the hurry of leaving for the holidays, we often throw away perfectly edible food. Once on vacation, between summer lunches, barbecues, and picnics, it’s hard to avoid wasting food. But not impossible!

And here’s how:

  • Before leaving, empty your pantry, check the expiration dates (if you are not sure about terminology, this guide could be useful), and put all foods that have an imminent expiry date on a tray. Use these ingredients to prepare your meals before leaving for your summer adventures. Be creative! 
  • Organise a dinner party with your friends before leaving, where everyone can bring and enjoy food that is about to expire. You could also donate food to your neighbours, to community kitchens or to someone in need who lives in your area. 
  • You can bring fruit and vegetables with you, just chop them to have a fresh and healthy snack for the trip. If you have too much, just thinly slice them and dry everything in the oven. Once dried, you can store them in the fridge (6 months) or  the freezer (1 year). Dried fruit is ready to be consumed, while vegetables need to be cooked first.  
  • Freez! Did you know that eggs can be stored in the freezer? Break them and mix them with salt and pepper or sugar, depending on your needs, and then put it in plastic bags. Milk too can be stored in the freezer for up to three months. This article on how to store food could be useful. 
  • At restaurants, if you order too much food, don’t be ashamed to ask  for a doggie bag. In the same way, if you organise a lunch or a barbeque, encourage your guests to doggie bag what is left.  
  • Consider the idea of buying a cooler. You could use it at the beach to keep your lunch fresh and it’s perfect if you want to organise a picnic.

Enjoy your holidays!