Refettorio Mérida welcomes the local community

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the project has been providing meals in the community, door to door serving those most socially vulnerable and front line workers. This past week marked the first occasion with important safety protocols to welcome these guests inside the Refettorio courtyard and dining room.

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Credits: Luis Pérez G.

As we recognize the social, economic and environmental effect that COVID-19 continues to have on the community of Mérida and most critically those experiencing great social vulnerability, poverty and hunger, the Refettorio team has coordinated a local emergency response to raise donations, prepare, package and deliver food to those affected. In the past few months, the Refettorio Mérida team has been working together to expand capacity through the support of local Chef and the culinary team. 

After spending months assisting the community in the best possible way, on Wednesday 25 the Refettorio achieved another beautiful step by serving the community with love and dignity, opening its door inside to welcome guests. An important milestone as the team continues to maintain safety measures to protect those most socially vulnerable.


Credits: Luis Pérez G.


Through the Value of Hospitality, the Refettorio has finally become a space where people can connect with others in a warm and hospitable environment that generates trust, a feeling of belonging and that empowers people to seek new opportunities for growth. 

The historical hallways have finally transformed into a beautiful, colorful gathering space for the whole community. Adhering to COVID occupancy restrictions, 30 guests were welcomed and were taken through the long entrance corridor to the central part of the house, into an open-air internal garden, a place for connecting.
A team of 10 volunteers –  Ralf, Roberto, Adriana, Jorge, Bernardo, Gaby, Luis, Mora and Alberto – supported the Refettorio by helping them serve takeout food for the community.
Local chef Ángel Zamudio was assisted by Adrian Marcos, from Catrin restaurant, who has been helping the Refettorio in preparing delivery meals since the beginning of May.


Credits: Rosy Gonzalez


The menu that has been served to the guests was made with recovered ingredients donated by local institutions: babaganoush with tziíkil pak, fish with local pumpkin sauce and coriander accompanied by fresh salad. As a dessert, a corn cake with cajeta cream and meringue. 

Beside a nourishing meal, guests were also given the chance to use hygiene services , and they received their personal hygiene kit as well as a pack of clothes to change. In addition to this, the talented volunteer Mora was providing haircut service in the garden.


Credits: Luis Pérez G.


“This day represents for me and for Palace Foundation, the harvest of a very sweet fruit planted almost 3 years ago! When someone dreams big, and shares their passion with the community can transform our world into a better place for everyone. Thank you, Massimo, Lara and all the team at Food For Soul, for choosing us to be part of this amazing movement. On behalf of Palace Foundation we will serve with love, #for the love of helping others.”

Daniela Vargas Leon