‘Tempi di Recupero Week’ is about to come back!

Can we be aware of the value of each ingredient that enters our kitchen? We believe we all can. It’s time to join together to stop letting good food go to waste.

Francesco Zoppi

Credits: Francesco Zoppi

‘Tempi di Recupero Week’, an initiative with the aim to celebrate a shared vision of sustainability through daily action dedicated to Food Upcycling around the world, is about to come back. For the week of November 21st-29th 2019, each cook participating will create a menu using undervalued and often wasted food products, to share their vision of “food upcycling”. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Food for Soul supporting the development of Refettorio projects around the world, taking local action to reduce food loss and waste while providing nourishing meals, education and training for those most socially vulnerable.

Chefs – normally responsible for planning menus, ordering ingredients, overseeing food preparation and supervising the kitchen staff – are some of the key figures in the “Tempi di Recupero Week”. In addition to chefs, this week brings together also azdore (besides being a traditional figure in the region, the “Azdora” is also considered the backbone of the household), osti (owners of the typical Italian Osteria), gelato makers and wine makers all over the world to promote “food upcycling” in the kitchen. 

Each participant will be free to build his very own special menu del recupero and tell his idea of “food upcycling” in the kitchen, which can have three meanings:

Each restaurant can choose to offer the whole special menu del recupero also as a take-away, to give an alternative to those who want to participate from home.

What you have to do to partecipate:

  • Create your own special menu del recupero – or, if you prefer, just a few dishes – with different courses based on the 3 categories of “food upcycling”explained above (using only one, two, or all of them). 
  • Choose if you want to keep the menu for just one lunch/dinner, or for more than one, as long as it is within the week of recupero, from Saturday 21st to Sunday 29th of November. 
  • Organize your special evening as you prefer: you can either set a maximum number of guests and reserve a part of the restaurant for them or you can offer this special menu a la carte, to everyone. You will receive a digital version of your menu to print out. 
  • Establish the price of the menu del recupero, which has to be slightly lower than the one of the usual tasting menu you offer (for example if the menu of your restaurant is 70€, Tempi di Recupero Week menu should be around 65€), specifying whether the price includes beverages or not.  
  • Subscribe, filling in the online form here. 
  • Make the payment, choosing the contribution that feels right for you. 

We are glad to be one of the non-profit organizations beneficiaries of this campaign, which envision sustainability as a simple daily action that can raise enough awareness to bring about widespread cultural change.

Visit Tempi di Recupero and find out more!

Francesco Zoppi 2

Credits: Francesco Zoppi