Worldchefs and Food for Soul Parter on Sustainability Education

Worldchefs is partnering with Food for Soul to deliver sustainability gastronomy training to Food for Soul’s Chef Network and Refettorio projects around the globe.


At the center of the collaboration is the launch of a 4-week training program expanding on Worldchefs’ Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals curriculum. The course will provide participants with specialized knowledge and practical skills exploring the food system through an international lens, with a hybrid format of independent study modules, online community learning, and self-assessments. The partnership will offer new opportunities for skill development in management and training, designed to empower the culinary community to promote resiliency and sustainability.

The joint training program will be offered in three waves beginning in November 2021 to Refettorio chefs and apprentices and expand to Food for Soul Chef Network joined by Worldchefs’ international members. Each wave will begin and conclude with interactive webinars led by Feed the Planet Chairman Chef Chris Koetke. Participants will have the opportunity to incorporate their own expertise, and to engage and network with their fellow learners.

“We are facing a climate crisis, and chefs are starting to realize the role they have to play,” says Chris Koetke, Worldchefs Feed the Planet Chairman. “We are here to help prepare culinary educators and chefs to be active innovators in building a better world. At Worldchefs, we provide accessible resources to help chefs around the globe make these choices for the future. Teaching sustainable food systems is a crucial part of this transformation.”

Worldchefs developed the Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals curriculum in 2018 to teach chefs how to think and act sustainably. The free course includes 8 lessons to help students engage with key themes to inspire positive change and improved profitability. Each lesson includes activities, quizzes, localization tips, and assessments. A global resource, the course is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French. Over 3,500 hospitality professionals have been trained using Worldchefs sustainability curriculum as the network of Worldchefs Sustainability Education trainers around the world continues to grow.

Worldchefs is proud to join with Food for Soul in our shared mission to use the power of the white jacket for good,” says Worldchefs President Thomas Gugler“We look forward to a working together to give more and more chefs the skills they need to change the world.”

As part of the efforts to equip culinary professionals with new skills and opportunities, the training program is also designed to prepare participants to bring more chefs to the table. Participants will gain insight into the application process to become a Worldchefs Sustainability Education Trainer, including key practices to deliver the lesson plan in a variety of professional settings. Participating chefs will also be invited to join Food for Soul’s forthcoming Chef Food for Soul Ambassador Program.

Hospitality professionals can learn more about Worldchefs’ Sustainability Education here.