What do art and fridges have in common?

Our main sponsor Grundig helps us celebrate the power of beauty in all sorts of cool ways!


Social Tables Made in Cloister (Credits: Riccardo Piccirillo)

Donated by Food for Soul’s main sponsor Grundig and custom-painted by artist Thierry Noir, each project has a different – very unique – fridge. Their role in the kitchen of Refettorios and Social Tables isn’t merely functional; each refrigerator was painted to celebrate the potential as well as the value of everyday objects and to showcase the role of art and aesthetics in uncovering hidden beauty.

On each fridge, Noir painted his own interpretation of what Food for Soul represents, making them the irreplaceable pieces of a bigger puzzle and helping us to connect all Refettorios and Social Tables in a global network of impactful, inspiring and sustainable community projects.

Born in France, Thierry Noir was the first street artist to paint the Berlin Wall. His partnership with Grundig and their decision to support Food for Soul in our mission to create inclusive spaces, comes in 2016 when they organised a pop-up atelier by Berlin’s historic East Side Gallery. Thanks to this collaboration and to Grundig generous support throughout the years, we have been able to promote social inclusion through an environment that celebrates art and culture…starting from the fridge!