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Food for Soul is looking for a Financial Officer to join our fast-growing team and work hands-on with the expanding Food for Soul's network around the world. Want to join us?

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Title: Financial Officer

Type of contract: Collettivo Nazionale di Lavoro (CCNL) Commercio

Period: Determinato for 12 months (Desired start: 13/01/2020 to 13/01/2021)

Status: Full Time @ 40 hours per week 

Trial period: 60 days


  • Level 3rd level
  • Vacations equal to 4 weeks per year. 
  • Meal provision: Lunch on Monday – Friday / Dinner, Tuesday – Friday


Weekly Schedule:

Business Days: Monday – Friday 

Daily Office Hours: 10.00 to 12.00 and from 13.00 to 19.00


Primary Responsibilities

Fiscal Management

A. Financial accounting

  • Expense Reconciliation:  Weekly expense accounting, employee reimbursement, and expense allocation 
  • Execution of Accounts Payable and Receivable, record tracking and 
  • Weekly general ledger balance sheet
  • Transfer of Funds between ONLUS and INC
  • Capital, Fixed and Indirect asset analysis
  • Track and report against internal and external fundraising campaigns, cause-related marketing initiatives
  • Track and report fiscal expenditure for all Program Refettorio & Social table, IH and LN initiatives
  • Track and report fiscal expenditure for Grant gift


B. Financial Reporting:

  • Annual Financial Report
  • Quarterly Fiscal Expenditure: Revenue Projections
  • Monthly PNL
  • Budget Reconciliation
  • Donation Receipt
  • Donation Revenue Portfolio
  • Financial Scorecard
  • Reporting to Third Party Auditors and Donors, as required


C. Financial Analysis:

  • Conduct Bi-annual Audit of Revenue and Expense
  • Assessment of Cause-Marketing Campaigns, Campaigns, Events and Fundraising Efforts
  • Quarterly Forecast of Fiscal Expenditure: Revenue
  • Budget Analysis for Refettorio and Social Tables Projects
  • Expansion analysis of Refettorio and Social Tables Projects
  • Assessment and execution of IH and LN expenditures
  • Assist in Grant analysis and submission


Maintenance of Financial Standard Operating Procedures and Policies

  • Monitor and analyze accounting data financial statements
  • Establish, update and enforce proper accounting methods, policies and principles
  • Report and recommend improve systems and procedures and initiate corrective actions
  • Co-develop and create template budget tools for Refettorio and Social Tables Projects


Contact Management

  • Maintain contact database portfolio, in real time
  • Charter Donor contact management and profile


Qualifications and experience requirements

  • A relevant qualification in accounting, business or finance.
  • At least 2+ years experience on finances 
  • At least 2+ years in the non-profit sector, grants management 
  • Advanced knowledge and proficiency on Google Suite and Office, especially Excel
  • Essential English proficiency
  • Essential Italian proficiency (level B2) 
  • Strong communication and analytical skills
  • Flexibility. Adaptable to change
  • Able to work independently whilst also being able to integrate into the team


*Please send CV and  cover letter to creni@foodforsoul.it. Applications without either document will not be accepted.