Our Approach

Food for Soul is not a charity project; it is a cultural one. We take an alternative approach to building community spaces based on three core principles: Quality of Ideas, Power of Beauty, and Value of Hospitality.

Quality of ideas

Quality is a value that is at heart of each of our projects. For this reason, we involve professionals from different fields who share their creativity, skills and expertise to make our projects impactful and inspiring. With their contribution, we are able to reassess the value of food, people and spaces that have been abandoned and to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Power of beauty

Beauty is an universal language, whose power can inspire and enact change. By infusing our projects with art and design, we aim to create an environment where not only our guests, but the whole community, can feel valued and welcome. Nourishment is for the body as well as for the soul.


Value of hospitality

Sharing a meal while sitting around the same table is a gesture of inclusion. Meals are cooked with quality ingredients, plated carefully and served to our guests by a dedicated team of volunteers. Tableware is chosen specifically to create a welcoming environment where guests can enjoy their meal and socialise, and where the local community can rediscover the beauty and warmth of hospitality.


Through art, design and beauty, we transform neglected spaces into warm and inclusive social hubs, aiming to welcome not only our guests, but the whole community.

Our guests come from situations of social vulnerability and food insecurity. We welcome them in beautiful and inspiring environments, invite them to sit around the same table and enjoy hearty and delicious meals, served by a team of volunteers.

Meals are made from surplus ingredients that would otherwise go to waste. Markets, supermarkets, producers and suppliers donate perfectly edible, quality food that is transformed into nutritious three-course menus. We aim to unveil the potential of ingredients at every stage of their lifespan. Browned bananas, overripe tomatoes and stale bread are reintroduced into the food chain – with extra value.

We build our projects with people who share our vision and mission and who collaborate with us to successfully establish and manage our projects:

  • chefs


    By inviting professional chefs to join our kitchens and share their skills, knowledge and creativity, we aim to communicate the true value of recovered ingredients and to engage our staff and volunteers, as well as others in the industry, in the fight against food waste.

  • creative


    We involve artists, designers and architects from all over the world. Their unique approach and capacity of thinking outside the box helps us to elevate each of our locations, transforming traditional dining halls into functional and inspirational community centres.

  • volunteer


    Our projects are sustained by many volunteers, who dedicate their time and energy to help in the kitchen, serve at the tables, engage with the guests and care for the spaces.