Cooking is an Act of Love

We believe that Cooking is an Act of Love, for People and Planet. This Call to Act has brought us all together, because our greatest potential lies in joining forces.


Today, 1.3 billion tons, about 1/3 of food produced, gets lost or wasted, while globally over 800 million people are hungry, don’t have access to fresh food, a home to cook or a table to enjoy a meal. At the same time, social isolation is an increasing public health threat. Not having access to healthy food creates inequalities and social vulnerability, it’s so much more than just about the waste of resources. To make a cultural revolution we should learn to see and appreciate the value of food.
Only by doing that, we will stop wasting it.

Over the next few weeks, we will share stories and recipes from the whole Francescana hospitality group showing that food holds the greatest power for social change. The simple gesture of preparing a nourishing meal and share it with those around us in a place of grace and dignity, speaks to the soul and empowers transformation.

Help us to move from Awareness to Action! This holiday season, commit to one act of change and share it with us. Reduce, Recycle, Share, Repurpose, Give back – What is your Act of Love for our future?

Join our Call to Action:


  • Read and download the recipes below, share them with your loved ones, your neighbours or your colleagues and have fun recreating them together!
  • Post pictures of your creations with the hashtag #CookingIsAnActOfLove, the best ones will be shared on our social media.
  • In view of the new year, commit to an act of change and love for people and the planet and inspire others around you to do the same!
  • Support our work and help us build a better, more sustainable future. Our impact lifts up both those who are in greatest need and those who have enough to give.