COVID-19: A Call to Act

As we find ourselves facing a global health crisis, we stand behind our partners at each Refettorio and Social Tables and we invite people all over the world to think about the importance of inclusivity. Be part of a cultural revolution, take action and help us build a healthier planet and the social wellbeing of people. Donate now!

Our impact during the month of April

  • ffs__food-recover

    + 80 thousand pounds (35 thousand kilos)

    of food surplus recovered

  • ffs__people-impacted

    + 100 thousand nutritious meals

    served or delivered to people in need and frontline workers

  • ffs__workwide-supporters

    Endless Hope by Staff and Volunteers

    who have continued to care and work for their communities

Refettorios and Social Tables continue to serve the community, even under the worst circumstances.

In this moment of uncertainty, we stand behind our partners as they do their best to ensure that the community continues to be served, who now more than ever find themselves in situations of vulnerability and isolation. However harsh and difficult these conditions may seem, we must always remember that crisis tend to affect the most those who are already experiencing situations of social and economic vulnerability. Food for Soul remains committed to working closely to its partners to communicate the crucial impact of their services.

That’s why we have launched a Community Fund to help our projects continue to serve and heal communities. Every contribution will help our projects support the most in need during these troubling times.

We are asking you to Act Now and become part of a global community of supporters who work together to make sure that each project continues to thrive and to build a culture of value.

 We are stronger together, now and always!


Our communities around the world

  • london


    Refettorio Felix in London continues to be a primary community resource for the unhoused and food insecure. Volunteer Chefs and staff are assisting to prepare more than 500 meal packages per day to guests, NHS staff from the Royal London Hospital and community organizations including Age UK and Smart. The Refettorio also operates as an ongoing Food Recovery centre of fresh foods and supplies from restaurants, farms and food distributors. They have also been providing people in need with hygiene supplies and mobile phones.

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  • kkkk

    Refettorio Paris

    Refettorio Paris has become a food coordination center, preparing meals to distribute to those in need while coordinating with restaurants and volunteer chefs to prepare more meals. French artist JR, who has been part of the project since the opening with Massimo Bottura, has been working with the local team to deliver meals to associations and community organizations around the French City.

  • rio

    Refettorio Gastromotiva

    Refettorio Gastromotiva in Rio de Janeiro has reopened as a Food Bank and distribution center filling the increase in food insecurity and hunger across the community. A daily grocery drop and pick up has provided over 1600 groceries for meals per day. Gastromotiva’s students and alumni are also opening Solidarity Kitchens inside their homes in the outskirts of Rio. Through donations of food surplus and specific COVID-19 hygiene and food preparation training they are able to provide nutritious meals to vulnerable people living around them, in disadvantaged communities.  

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  • refettorio-ambrosiano-logo-720x720

    Social Tables Antoniano

    In Bologna, Social Tables Antoniano is providing delivered food boxes with ingredients and donations to over 30 families and giving lunch meals for take away for anyone experiencing food insecurity within their network in Bologna. Shelter and care services continue to be expanded to meet the increase in poverty and food insecurity. Cultural programming and education lessons for children have moved online to maintain development and social connection. 

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  • milan

    Refettorio Ambrosiano

    Refettorio Ambrosiano in Milan has been steadfast continuing services with dedication of Caritas Ambrosiana staff and community volunteers. Staff are handing out meal packages while ongoing food recovery is made possible by local food suppliers, social and community organizations. Caritas Ambrosiana’s shelters remain open for those in need. 

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  • mm

    Social Tables Made in Cloister

    Social Tables Made in Cloister, in the heart of Naples, has guest chefs of the local area cooking up food surplus into delicious and healthy meals for take-away, while staff and volunteers deliver directly to the guests.  A new initiative is underway to prepare food boxes from additional donations to be delivered to families in need.