Introducing the KASC Project

KASC is a new creative project by Kinahan’s whiskey to promote social cohesion and inclusiveness through art and culture. To support Food for Soul’s mission and vision, KASC worked with contemporary Italian artist Marcantonio to realize a unique artwork - read below to find out how to join this call to act.


Credits: Marco Onofri

Currently operating from a number of production locations across Ireland, Kinahan’s has been at the forefront of whiskey making since its founding in 1779. Driven by the desire to defy stereotypes and to leave a tangible sign, the brand has recently created KASC™, a bold experiment in whiskey-making using hybrid casks. From this experiment originated KASC™ Project, a new creative space where art is used as a tool to inspire evolution of collective thought and thus foster social progress. Pure emotion distilled into tangible form, each edition of the KASC™ Project is aimed at sparking lively conversations and inspire change.

“KASC™ is much more than a collector’s item, it is an intersection and overlapping of different cultural influences that create a new intermediate identity capable of revealing a hitherto hidden value,” says Zak Oganian, Managing Director of Kinahan’s Whiskey. “It is a contemporary totem, a tangible emotion that wants to provoke confrontation and inspire change.” 

According to the mission of KASC™ Project, the art object expands its role, acquiring a new social responsibility that allows it to be a driving force for change.  All this was possible thanks to the support and creativity of Marcantonio, one of the most iconic italian contemporary artists, who had already collaborated with well-known design brands. The work created by Marcantonio, entitled “I’M OK”, is a self-portrait of the artist himself inside a bottle. 

Credits: Paolo Fossati and Yuri Dellacasa

A feat of craftsmanship and engineering, this message in a bottle is only the last one in a long line of eye-catching and playful works from one of Italy’s most iconic artists, Marcantonio. Designed and handcrafted in Italy, the small sculptural figure shows the artist encased in glass—yet still raising a life-sized thumbs-up to the world—a totem of 2020, staying positive, even in confinement, encapsulating what we lived through individually and collectively as society. Composed of glass, resin and stainless steel, each piece arrives in a decorative wooden case, with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, and custom-designed handling gloves. 

Proceeds from the artwork, which will be produced in a limited edition of only 500 pieces, will be donated to Food for Soul and will be used to support community spaces for the most vulnerable people, in multiple countries, as well as to create opportunities for social mobility and advocate for a healthy and equitable food ecosystem. 

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this revolution and pre-order now.

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