La Tradizionale Limited Edition

La Tradizionale, a special project by Scribo that celebrates the Emilian story of culture, food and community.

LT open on barrel

Credits: Marco Onofri

Just as the drop of vinegar preserves the memory of each passage from one barrel to the other, writing is the tool that, par excellence, preserves our thoughts, and witnesses the passage from one idea to the other, in this way conveying
creativity and imagination.

“Every dish comes into the world through an idea. If you welcome the unexpected, everything becomes an inspiration: a colour, a melody, a piece of art, a journey, a memory, an experience or the intertwining of two cultures. It is important to know how to capture a flash of light in the dark. Before arriving on the table, every dish was simply a thought. Writing is the tool through which an idea becomes real, starting the creative process. Every dish that enters the menu was once only a sketch, a sentence, or just a word. Writing makes an idea concrete and makes the invisible visible before it becomes a
gastronomic experience”.
Massimo Bottura

To celebrate this Emilian story of culture, food and community, SCRIBO decided to dedicate its latest creation, the Limited Edition LA TRADIZIONALE, to the “Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale” of Modena, an icon of our territory, and to support Food for Soul’s mission by donating 5% of net revenues for each fountain pen sold.

“LA TRADIZIONALE” is an authentic Made in Italy jewel: it is entirely made by hand from oak wood, which has been skilfully crafted from the barrels where the “Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale” of Modena aged for years. The different wood grains and colours on the 12 facets testify the uniqueness of every single piece, enriched by delicate and finely engraved Silver 925‰details, among which the cap ring, with the pantograph engraving “LA TRADIZIONALE”, and the clip, with its “drop of vinegar”.

“LA TRADIZIONALE” is made of only 104 limited and numbered pieces. The first four numerations represent SCRIBO’s homage to Chef Massimo Bottura. In addition to the three “Michelin Stars” that Osteria Francescana boasts since 2012, there is a fourth star, the Michelin Green Star, an award given to chefs who promote a cuisine based on sustainability and low environmental impact.

The Limited Edition LA TRADIZIONALE is available with all SCRIBO nibs and is stored in a wooden case containing both a 90 ml bottle of ink and a precious bottle of Gold Capsule extra-old “Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale” of Modena.