Corporate Involvement

Food for Soul welcomes the support of companies, corporations or foundations in the form of grants, donations, services and in-kind gifts. Thanks to contributions, partnerships and collaborations we can make our food system more sustainable, our communities more inclusive and our projects long lasting.

Foto: Leo Aversa


Food for Soul is looking for trustworthy sponsors who are eager to contribute financially to the opening, the sustainability and the empowerment of our projects. To access the full list of Food for Soul’s sponsors, please click here. For further questions, please write to

Technical partners

If you would like to contribute to one or more of our projects by donating equipment, furniture and tools, please get in touch. To access the full list of our technical partners, please click here. For further question, please write to

Food suppliers

If you are a grocer, market seller, or producer with food that goes to waste, you could become a food supplier for Food for Soul and donate to one of our projects in Modena, Bologna, Rio, Milan, London or Paris. There’s not a moment to waste! For details on how to donate, email us at ​