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Culture is Transformative

We are spreading a culture of value around the world by caring for the health of the planet and wellbeing of people.  Everyday more than 1/3 of the food we produce for human consumption is wasted while over 800 million people worldwide face hunger and lack access to fresh affordable food.

Our mission is finding solution in both challenges through programs that improve the sustainability of our food system, wellbeing and social inclusivity for those individuals most vulnerable.  Through advocacy, good food education and the collective impact of Refettorio projects worldwide we show the hidden potential around us to create social change.

Our impact delivers more than numbers.  The wasted food we save, the nourishing meals we serve and the network of partners we strengthen are about quality and transformation shape a better future for all.  Impact data is 2015, Start to September 2023, updated biannually.

  • ffs__food-recover

    + 2100 tonnes 4.62 mil pounds Food Saved

  • ffs__people-impacted

    3.591 mil meals served to over 1.34 mil Guests

  • ffs__workwide-supporters

    156K Volunteers, Chefs, Apprentices

"Culture brings knowledge. Knowledge leads to consciousness. And when we become conscious we are one short step away from becoming socially responsible. Culture is the key."

Massimo Bottura

Local projects, global presence

We immerse ourselves in local perspectives, needs and opportunities and design programs together with communities to create change and develop opportunities to participate in global campaigns, events, and initiatives.

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