Bologna welcomes Food for Soul

The Food for Soul project will officially start on May, 9th: together with Antoniano Onlus, the organization will empower the service and the structure of Padre Ernesto soup kitchen in Bologna.

Thanks to the synergy of Food for Soul with the non-profit foundation Antoniano Onlus, the “Padre Ernesto” soup kitchen in Bologna will open its doors also for dinner. The official starting date is out: from the upcoming May, 9th, chefs from Emilia Romagna of the association CheftoChef will cook every Monday for almost 60 guests. They will only use food surplus donated by supermarkets, producers and food factories. The first guest chef will be Max Poggi; all the other chefs of the association will follow, including Massimo Bottura, the creator of Food for Soul.

The project mainly aims to fill the gap of the dinner service, so to welcome families in need -together with their kids. That’s a challenge that the director of the soup kitchen, friar Alessandro Caspoli and the whole team of Antoniano promptly embraced: the soup kitchen will get in touch with new realities and discover new paradigms of inclusion and acceptance. Besides the collaboration of chefs and producers, the Padre Ernesto soup kitchen will lean on the contribution of several technical partners for the supply of tools and equipments, as well as for the renovation and the decor of the building.

The soup kitchen will be aligned to the mission of Food for Soul, so to bring art and beauty to the table for everyone. By following the needs of the local community and those of the families involved, the Padre Ernesto soup kitchen will become a referral point for the city of Bologna, not only for the provision of meals: all the actors involved aim to legitimate it as a cultural center.

Photo credits: Il resto del Carlino