Together, nourishing the Planet and Social Well-being of People

Secret Supper features Food for Soul as Impact Partner for 2021

Secret Supper in Detroit_Credit Secret Supper

Secret Supper began with a dream to bring people together around a table filled with earthy food, great wine, and endless conversation. Through these experiences, its passion is to inspire intentional living. Supper Series are designed to evoke an appreciation of the present moment, celebrating life around a table set in a remarkable setting.

We know the value of hospitality and power of beauty can transform lives and bring us all together, especially those most socially vulnerable. To rediscover the beauty in the everyday and pinpoint the extraordinary in the routine, allowing ourselves to be inspired by the way we live. To get lost in the complexities of the many things we take for granted, and find the common ground that connects us all, what helps us feel alive.”

This amazing project started in the summer of 2015, with a desire to bring people together around great food and wine in stunning and unique locations.

“Gratitude drives Secret Supper. We feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to experience so many beautiful moments, which continually inspire us to care more deeply for people and our planet. We feel compelled to turn this gratitude into action by supporting sustainable and ethical practices that help generate positive impact.”

“With this in mind,  we are thrilled to feature Food for Soul as our official Impact Partner for 2021! Through direct financial contributions and by creating ongoing awareness for the amazing work they do,  we will  support their mission to strengthen community resilience, open opportunities for social and economic mobility and build healthier and more equitable food systems. “

As part of its partnership with Food for Soul, Secret Supper is donating 10% of all ticket sales from the 2021 Supper Series, helping us to raise awareness around issues affecting our food system and those most socially vulnerable. 

You can help double our impact this year by making a donation. Every gesture will help us provide hospitality, beauty and dignity to those in need of food assistance, shelter, education and health services across new USA Refettorio Cultural Projects.