Union is strength at Refettorio Made in Cloister

Many chefs, one big family. Refettorio Made in Cloister is a special place, where the best chefs of the area join forces to take care of the community living in Porta Capuana.

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Each of us can make a difference as an individual, but together we can do extraordinary things.

And this is exactly what happens at Refettorio Made in Cloister, where every Monday the best chefs of the area work side by side to offer a taste of the Neapolitan culinary tradition to the most vulnerable individuals in their community.

We stepped into the kitchen through the eyes of Gianluca del Vecchio, who every week joins the team in Naples supporting the packaging of take-away meals for the guests of the project.

Name: Gianluca
Surname: Del Vecchio
Age: 43
Role: Volunteering in the kitchen

How do you support Refettorio Made in Cloister? What do you like most about joining the team?
Every Monday I help in the kitchen by supporting the staff where it is most needed: helping chefs, washing dishes, packaging takeaway meals, and collecting recovered bread that every morning we receive as a donation.

Many local chefs donate their time and energy to the project. How does this benefit the members of the Porta Capuana community?
Guests are very fascinated by the local chefs that every Monday come to the Refettorio.n Actually, they always ask for their name or the name of the restaurant they come from.

What makes the Refettorio Made in Cloister so special compared to other canteens in the area?
What differentiates it is the added value given by the participation of these local chefs. They not only are able to turn surplus food into extraordinary meals but also communicate love and care through the food they serve.

We always say that Cooking is an Act of Love…do you agree? How Refettorio is able to transmit that love?
Yes, it really is. Food becomes a communication vehicle that chefs can use to tell their stories, connect with their guests, and talk about their families and the sacrifices they had to undertake to get where they are today.

But my favorite moment is when we get to distribute the meals, when the eyes of our chefs meet with those of our guests: a moment that speaks to the soul.