Our Impact

By transforming people, places and food, we build culture as a way of strengthening community resilience, opening opportunities for social mobility, and advocating for a healthy and equitable food system.

Community Resilience

Through our programs, we build strategic alliances and resources that can create a safety network of systems that allow communities to be responsive to the social, cultural, ecological, and economic changes they face.


Social Mobility

Food for Soul aims to provide basic human needs, increase well-being and accelerate opportunities for social mobility and economic growth through partnerships, programming and professional training courses.


Healthy and Equitable Food System

Our programs aim to build a more sustainable and inclusive food system by increasing food access, reducing food insecurity and raising awareness around the social and environmental impacts of waste.


In Numbers

By building community spaces where our guests rediscover the potential of food surplus and feel that they are part of a community, Food for Soul aims to stimulate social progress, enable food solidarity and strengthen resilience. So far, in collaboration with our operating partners, we have successfully launched four Refettorios and three Social Tables worldwide.

  • ffs__food-recover

    +200 tonnes

    Food recovered

    Refettorios and Social Tables source and transform surplus ingredients that are perfectly edible but would otherwise go to waste into healthy and nourishing meals, helping people to appreciate their hidden value.

  • ffs__people-impacted

    +80 thousand

    People impacted

    We serve nutritious and nourishing meals in convivial atmospheres to people in situations of social vulnerability including homeless, rough sleepers, refugees and isolated members of the community.

  • ffs__volunteer

    +15 thousand

    Worldwide volunteers

    Refettorios and Social Tables celebrate the gift of service by those who have enough to give. We implement service through the Value of Hospitality to promote human interaction and empathy.