Become Our Partner

We believe that for-profit partnerships offer tremendous value, assisting to break down social barriers, grow educational capacity, shift food economics and influence societal inequities. Interested in getting involved?

Why Support Us

Strategic partnerships assist us in transcending innovative ideas into measurable, qualitative results. We strongly believe that together we can make our voice louder, send our message further and inspire others to act.

Partner with Food for Soul

By becoming a Partner of Development you will be able to contribute to the growth of our organization, helping us to strengthen our work and capacity.


Contribute to new sustainable Refettorio Development

Becoming a Partner of Community means that you will be able to help us create and sustain community spaces where people feel welcome and where they can rediscover their hidden value and unexpressed potential.

Invest in our Refettorio Network of Partners

By contributing to the growth of the Refettorio Network you will become a Partner of Inspiration, and play a special role in helping our projects become an influential voice for change.

Become a Partner of Change

Partners of Change help us to achieve our vision and mission by supporting our efforts both at the community level and on the global stage.

Legacy Partners at Founding

We are grateful to all our partners and sustainers for generously supporting us with financial and technical donations and for joining us in the fight against waste and social isolation.


Grundig has been Food for Soul’s official partner for three consecutive years supporting our work and mission since the beginning. Through its Respect Food campaign, the company has been raising awareness on food waste by offering consumers practical ideas and solutions to tackle it. We are proud to share the same passion and to stand side by side in the fight against food waste. Grundig has also been providing appliances to meet the needs of our Refettorios and Social Tables.