What we do

Food for Soul works with different partners to create and sustain community kitchens around the world and to raise awareness on the issues of food waste and social isolation. Our initiatives vary according on the needs of the local community and on the possibilities that arise.

We believe that the transformation of food surplus and neglected spaces through quality of ideas, power of beauty and value of hospitality can empower communities to act for change and establish a virtuous circle that the entire community will benefit from.


By involving the local community, we want to create vibrant hubs that, on top of offering meals, can be used for social purposes, such as educational workshops, vocational training, lectures and events to promote healthy and sustainable eating habits, social inclusion, empowerment and the exchange of ideas.

Take the best of the ingredients from every stage of its lifespan. That’s what the real beauty is: to make something valuable out of something that might be seen as not having any value at all.

Massimo Bottura