Learning Network

The Learning Network is a creative, educational space where our operational partners are free to exchange information, have an open dialogue and bring up transformative examples of equitable and inclusive programs designed to promote resiliency and sustainability.

Our Values

The Learning Network is based on benevolent partnerships, mutual respect and recognition. It is our duty to contribute to the development of a safe, balanced and open space, where everyone can feel heard and appreciated and where we can demonstrate the potential of working together to achieve a more meaningful and widespread impact.

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  • ffs__globally-informed

    Locally rooted and globally informed

  • ffs__improvement

    Continuous Improvement

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Our goals

Through the development of multilateral relationships between Food for Soul and the operating partners, the intended outcomes are:

  1. Become an interconnected financially stable, community of organizations and individuals who, while sharing similar values, have different experiences and approaches and who can learn from and support each other;
  2. Make sure that across the network, participants are able to offer high-quality services to their communities;
  3. Develop the tools to measure the impact that the Refettorios and Social Tables have on their communities as well as the ripple effect that they are having on wider audiences and craft ways to communicate such impact;
  4. Become an influential voice for change and advocate based on diverse experiences for resilient communities, social mobility and equitable food ecosystems.