Refettorios are physical spaces designed as community hubs to inspire and empower human potential.



The word Refettorio comes from the Latin reficere, meaning ‘to re-make’, but also ‘to restore’. It was originally a place where monks gathered together to share their daily meal. We work with local organisations, producers, artists, architects, and community leaders to restore and renovate underused spaces transforming them into inspiring community hubs, open Monday to Friday, where people in situations of social and economic vulnerability are served nutritious meals cooked with surplus ingredients that would have otherwise been thrown away. Our aim is to develop spaces and experiences that can have a real impact and that can help make our communities more resilient, open opportunities for economic growth and make our food system more equal and healthy.

  • Refettorio Ambrosiano

    Refettorio Ambrosiano

    Refettorio Ambrosiano Milan, Italy

    Refettorio Ambrosiano was created in partnership with Caritas Ambrosiana on the occasion of the Expo2015 in Milan. The building, an abandoned theatre in the suburbs of Milan, was completely renovated and transformed into a brand new community kitchen. Refettorio Ambrosiano keeps welcoming people in situations of social vulnerability and offers them a daily three-course dinner service, prepared with surplus ingredients collected from markets and supermarkets across Milan. The venue is also available to the whole neighborhood for educational projects and cultural events.

    Refettorio Ambrosiano
    Piazza Greco 11, 20125, Milano
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  • Refettorio Felix

    Refettorio Felix

    Refettorio Felix London, UK

    During the London Food Month in June 2017, Food for Soul flew across the English Channel to partner with St Cuthbert’s Centre and The Felix Project. Together we established Refettorio Felix at St Cuthbert’s, a community kitchen that offers welcoming lunchtime services to homeless people, rough sleepers and people in situations of social isolation. The community space is also used to host events, workshops and social activities to engage the local community and encourage social inclusion, as well as the development of healthier eating habits.

    Refettorio Felix at St Cuthbert’s
    51 Philbeach Gardens, Kensington, London SW5 9EB, UK
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  • Refettorio Gastromotiva

    Refettorio Gastromotiva

    Refettorio Gastromotiva Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    On the occasion of the Olympics in 2016, Food for Soul opened its first international project: Refettorio Gastromotiva in Rio de Janeiro. Developed in partnership with Gastromotiva, the project involved many national and international chefs who used surplus food from the Olympic Games to prepare tasty and healthy meals for people in situations of social vulnerability. Since then, Refettorio Gastromotiva has become an important hub for the local community while continuing to offer delicious meals to those in need as well as vocational training for young adults from the favelas.

    Refettorio Gastromotiva
    Rua da Lapa 108
    Lapa – Rio de Janeiro, 20021-180
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  • Refettorio Paris

    Refettorio Paris

    Refettorio Paris Paris, FR

    Refettorio Paris opened its doors in March 2018 thanks to a collaboration between Food for Soul and Le Foyer de la Madeleine. Located in the crypt of the church of La Madeleine, in the heart of Paris, Refettorio Paris offers a welcoming dinnertime service to vulnerable members of the community, including homeless, rough sleepers and refugees. Professional chefs are invited to join us and cook in our kitchen using surplus ingredients that would otherwise go to waste to make nutritious three-course meals for our guests. Thanks to the creativity and vision of a dedicated team of artists, architects and designers, Refettorio Paris has become an even more inspiring social hub where people can experience the joy of sitting together and share a meal in an inclusive atmosphere.

    Refettorio Paris at Foyer de la Madeleine
    Place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris,
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  • Refettorio Made in Cloister

    Refettorio Made in Cloister

    Refettorio Made in Cloister Naples, IT

    Refettorio Made in Cloister was open in partnership with the Fondazione Made in Cloister to offer individuals and families experiencing social vulnerability and isolation, a healthy and nourishing weekly dinner service prepared with surplus ingredients, and a space to feel valued and heard. The space, located in the heart of Naples, has been designed to celebrate the artistic, cultural and gastronomic value of the neighbourhood through the organisation of community projects and events.

    Refettorio Made in Cloister
    Piazza Enrico de Nicola, 48 80139 Naples, Italy
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  • Refettorio Antoniano

    Refettorio Antoniano

    Refettorio Antoniano Bologna, IT

    Since May 2016, Food for Soul has been collaborating with Antoniano Onlus in Bologna to expand the activities of the Mensa Padre Ernesto. Besides the regular service offered at lunch, the community kitchen opens every Monday night, serving welcoming meals cooked with surplus ingredients to families living in situations of social vulnerability.

    Refettorio Antoniano
    Via Guinizelli 3 – 40125 Bologna
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  • Refettorio Mérida

    Refettorio Mérida

    Refettorio Mérida Mérida, Mexico

    Refettorio Mérida is a cultural project of Food for Soul and operational partner Fundación Palace, the charitable arm of Palace Resorts. From the high ceilings to the wooden doors, everything speaks of beauty and hospitality: an historic colonial house been completely renovated and transformed into a place where hope and optimism can flourish for all. The project was launched in early spring of 2020, with a food-focused approach to community building, supporting the Yucatán State’s wide effort to alleviate poverty through the promotion of social rights and inclusive development. Beyond the meal service, the Refettorio will also house different programs and cultural activities aimed at encouraging and promoting the physical and mental well-being of the local community.

    Refettorio Mérida
    Calle 60 550, Centro, Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico
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  • Refettorio Lima

    Refettorio Lima

    Refettorio Lima Lima, Perù

    Refettorio Lima at Casa de Todos is the ninth Refettorio that Food for Soul has opened, the second in South America. The project was possible thanks to the energetic support of Intermediario by 3Gatos, a Peruvian organization dedicated to food-focused projects that celebrate the gastronomic traditions, and its key partner Beneficencia de Lima, a 186-year-old institution that operates in several areas including nourishment, shelters for orphans, women and the elderly, education, health, cultural heritage, real estate, and art preservation. Refettorio Lima is a place where people can be restored through food and beauty and which mission is to build healthier food systems that foster community resilience.

    Refettorio Lima at Casa de Todos
    Jirón Sabra Justina, Cuadra 6, Lima, Perù
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  • Refettorio Harlem

    Refettorio Harlem

    Refettorio Harlem Harlem, New York

    Located at The Historic Emanuel AME Church, representing decades of civic engagement, education, art, music and cultural programming,  Refettorio Harlem offers a sense of belonging, compassion and opportunity.
    In a time when action is needed for those who can give, Refettorio, In collaboration with local partners, Hot Bread Kitchen and YAYB, started serving the community not only providing nourishment for those most socially vulnerable but additionally support job training and workforce development programs for at-risk youth.

    Refettorio Harlem

    Emanuel AME Church
    37 W 119th St, New York, NY 10026
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  • Refettorio San Francisco

    Refettorio San Francisco

    Refettorio San Francisco San Francisco, California

    The opening of Refettorio San Francisco led by local community organization Farming Hope signals new gratitude: strengthening community resilience through local networks that support and promote socio-economic mobility and a healthier food system.
    Through the Refettorio, Farming Hope’s goodwill impact in the community will grow and continue to strengthen the network of partners working to ensure no one is left behind and pave opportunities that bridge social divides.

    Refettorio San Francisco
    149 Fell Street, San Francisco California

  • Refettorio Geneva

    Refettorio Geneva

    Refettorio Geneva Geneva, Switzerland

    Refettorio Geneva led by non-profit organization Fondazione Mater brings together the gastronomy sector and humanitarian field to drive resilience and social impact in space that celebrates innovation, creativity, science and design. Together Fondazione Mater and Food for Soul will work to strengthen the ecosystem of empathy and compassion historically known in Geneva, mobilizing community organizations, private and non profit partnerships, the public and government sectors and volunteerism to scale environmental restorative best practices with programs and services that open pathways for social and economic mobility.

    Refettorio Geneva

    Rue de Lyon 112, 1202 Genève, CH
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  • Refettorio OzHarvest Sydney

    Refettorio OzHarvest Sydney

    Refettorio OzHarvest Sydney Sydney, Australia

    Refettorio OzHarvest Sydney is an Australian-first, social impact collaboration between Australia’s leading food rescue organization, OzHarvest, and Food for Soul. It will bring together those in need with a warm, nourishing meal in a unique, community hub setting.

    Refettorio OzHarvesr Sydney
    481 Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010

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